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Welcome! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Scott Henady. forbodyandmind.com is the online home for my massage practice. I practice out of Body Mechanix in San Francisco’s Mission District and at Apex Wellness in the Financial/North Beach Districts. I practice with a therapeutic intent based on specific issues you would like to see addressed as opposed to general relaxation massage.

In November of 1997, I completed my first massage certification and began practicing, even while continuing to learn. Eleven years later, I earned my master’s degree in Chinese medicine. My initial training focused on Swedish-based sports and deep-tissue techniques, while my study of Chinese medicine included a style of orthopedic massage called tui na (tway na, twee na, or tooee na).

Incorporating a concept I learned in tai chi called listening energy, I have cultivated what I call listening touch for my massage. Deep tissue does not mean just more elbow pressure. To inform and confirm what I hear through my hands, I also actively ask for your feedback during sessions. I consider whether tension is coming from your muscles, tendons and other connective tissues, joints or skeletal structure, as well as if your tension has stress or other emotional components. Rest, hydration, and nutrition are additional factors that will shape the work I do. I use traditional Swedish techniques as well as myofascial release, active and passive stretching, acupressure and orthopedic methods from tui na, and movement based on what your body needs.

I take an integrative therapeutic and lifestyle-oriented approach to massage therapy. When you come to see me, I ask what are the primary and secondary issues you want to address, and base your session priorities on that. I can treat on the basis of whether an issue is acute and urgent, chronic and ongoing, or out of a desire for general health maintenance. In all cases, I actively consider lifestyle, behavior, and accidents that create tension or injuries. In doing so, I look for ways you can supplement your massage through follow-up activities. I also consider if there are other modalities that can support the work I do or that might achieve better results.

Have questions about the kind of work I do? Feel free to email me at 4bodyandmind@gmail.com. Interested in periodic updates, news, health tips and exclusive special offers? Sign up for my mailing list below.

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Scheduling & Cancellation Policy

24 hours advance notice is preferred for setting or changing appointments, but same-day appointments are sometimes available. Call or text 415-647-2829 to check same-day availability. Appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice will be billed at the full single session rate.

Rates – Effective January 1st, 2018





  Intro 2-Pack*

Save $80 – $40/Session

*New Clients Only


Save $60 – $20/Session


Save $150 – $30/Session


Save $400 – $40/Session

60-Minute $160 $300 $450 $800
90-Minute $220 $390 $600 $1100

*New Client sessions may only be paid for in person at the end of the appointment. Cash, check, credit card or venmo to @ScottHenady may be used. The above links can be used to pre-pay via credit card for a one-time transaction or using your PayPal account.



Tipping & Sliding Scale

Tipping is certainly welcome, but not required. The above rates and packages are meant to be as reasonable as possible while meeting basic expenses. I recognize that these rates may be prohibitive for some who still have a genuine need for high-quality, therapeutic massage. Talk to me if the regular rates are out of your reach and you can’t afford to do the volume packages. If I can help you, I want to be able to do so as much as possible without being too concerned about the cost. On the other side, if you can afford to tip, that will increase my capacity to serve some clients who otherwise could not come in as they may need. Tipping may be done in person, online via PayPal either here or by sending money to 4bodyandmind@gmail.com through your PayPal account, or via venmo to @ScottHenady.

Regardless of whether you are paying the single session rate, a package rate, or a sliding scale rate, I value you as a client and deeply appreciate the time you invest with me so that together we can maximize how well you feel on a daily basis.